Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adverb Clauses

When I have a child, I'll teach him how to play soccer.

If I won one million dollars in the lottery, I would buy a big house.

Unless I try, I'll never know.

In case I miss the plane to Japan, I'll stay in Vancouver forever.

Because I like watching soccer games, I'll go to see the World cup in 2010.

After I graduate from university, I'll have a job.

As soon as I go back to Japan, I'll meet my friends.

Once I get settled, I'll like the place.

Before I get a job, I want to travel to a lot of countries.

Although I'll face a lot of difficulties, I'll get over them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

according to a famous Japanese actor

"I held a surprise party for my wife ," he said gradly. His wife is a famous pop idol in Japan. That day her 21st birthday, so he planned to celebrate her in a special way. "Suddenly,I came up with a good idea that I prepared a cake in her image," he said proudly. He added "She cried with pleasure when I gave her the cake." I'm absolutely sure that women love a surprise, but unfortunately, I hate doing that. I mean I'm not romantic.