Tuesday, July 22, 2008

it's about My hobby

I have a lot of hobbies like watching movies, playing soccer, playing video games, reading books and so on, but now what I'm especially interested in is collecting magnets. Whenever I travel somewhere, I buy a new magnet as a souvenir, so I have a lot of magnets in my house. I think you know the good feeling when you collect something. For me magnets seem to be treasures, and also they are great memories. Even here in Canada I already bought four or five magnets when I went to Yellow Knife and the Rocky Mountains. Each magnet has a picture on itselt. Therefore, it reminds me of good memories in the trip. For example, I have a magnet which has an Aurora picture. When I see it, I can remember the amazing experience there. Even though the picture doesn't tell everything, I can imagine with this. For this reason, I love to collect magnets.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


When I was young, I was not so skinny.
However,I have a problem in my stomach now, so I can't gain weight.
I usually eat meals four or five times a day.
I want to be in good shape and get weight.
How can I do that?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


"If I had a chance to go abroad to study English like you, I would choose Canada."
Before I came here, I was thinking which country was the best to go to study, so I asked my teacher in Japan.

"If I were you, I'd take medicine because I don't want to die."
When I was younger, my mother used to say it to me because I hated every kind of medicine.

"If I had the long hair like you, I'd go to a hair dresser as soon as possible."
A lot of peaple say it to me.

"If you tell me your e-mail address, I'll send you some pictures."
I asked my friend for some pictures today.

"If I had been you, I wouldn't have done such a stupid thing."
When I was younger, my mother used to say it because I did lots of bad things.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Vancouver adventure

I don't know if it's a special experience in Canada, but I was so surprised when I saw a squirrel , a raccoon and a skunk at the same time in Staneley Park. It was amazing because the raccoon came close to me and poked my leg. The animals there were so tame that I could touch them.
In Japan we don't have big parks like Stanley Park. Therefore, it's hard to find wild animals there. In addition, I saw only famous animals such as monkeys, elephants, lions and so on in a zoo when I was younger. That's the reason why I was astonished by the animals in the park. On the other hand, in Canada people can see a lot of wild animals without going to a zoo. For example, when I went to the Rocky Mountains, I found big horn sheep and chipmunks that I had never seen. I was so happy because I felt as if I discovered a new kind of animal.
Also, I have anothere experience. While I was kayaking at Deep Cove , I saw a wild seal. I was so impressed. I can't explain what I felt at that time. I just thoght that it was something like a virtual reality.