Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yellow Knife

The most emotional experience here in Canada would be when I went to Yellow knife to see "Aurora". There are a lot of beautiful views in Canada, but I suppose that "Aurora" in Yellow Knife stands out. It never lets people down.
Before I saw the aurora, which is called 'northern lights" here, I felt insecure because I wasn't sure if I could see it. When I arrived at Aurora Village, there was no aurora I could see. The fact made me nervous. However, I was so impressed when suddenly the aurora appeared just above my head like this picture. I don't know how to describe the view exactly, but I can say that was amazing, stunning and breathtaking. That was so much more than I had expected. Even though the temperature was -35 degrees (cold enough to freeze all my hair), I really enjoyed the beatiful view. (maybe I can say that I was overjoyed) Now I'm proud that I had this kind of experience which few people can do.

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